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Hello yes this is Kade.
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Those who actually succeed in life, they just happen to be born with a magic ticket called talent.

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Disney Heroines 

By: gariSK

let’s glorify the heroines rather than just the princesses I like that better


some 69 mins

I’m still in a good mood from the concert last night and I’m a little sleepy but not as exhausted as I thought I would be.

I got to hold Cody Carson’s hand during my favorite song how can Set It Off not be perfect.
He also joined Our Last Night to sing their cover of “Bye Bye Bye” and I wanted to cry I love concerts so fucking much

Yep!!! They my baes 8)

I’m at a concert rn and the opening band’s drummer looks just like Asahi from Haikyuu!! I’m gonna die


「紅組」_「.Axis.」の漫画 [pixiv].htm

hella. uploading early bc computer issues.

some gay jeanmarco video

"glad you came" we came as romans


True love. I added the kiss without Jon even knowing about it, mwhaha. This is the first time I sprited Jacques more realistic looking.